Our Profile

Adcock Ingram is a leading South African pharmaceutical manufacturer, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

The Company manufactures, markets and distributes a wide range of healthcare products. The company is a leading supplier to both the private and public sectors of the market.

Adcock Ingram is a level 3 B-BBEE contributor.

Market leadership
Adcock Ingram is ranked as the second largest manufacturer in the private pharmaceutical market and is the second largest supplier to the public sector. Of note is the major share of the critical care market held by the company, being the largest supplier of critical care products to the public sector and hospitals. Adcock Ingram is a committed supplier of antiretroviral (ARV) medicines to the public sector through the highly competitive tender system.
Consumer Division
The Consumer division competes in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) space. Iconic brands such as Panado and Compral have given the Company a leadership position in the analgesic market. The product portfolio includes cough and cold preparations, energy supplements, digestive well-being medications, vitamins and feminine hygiene products.



The iconic Panado brand, which has been trusted by South Africans for decades, is the second biggest brand within the analgesics category in South Africa with a 22% market share. Panado continues to be supported with extensive marketing campaigns that defend the brand's equity and heritage. The rising star within the pain portfolio is Compral, which has grown at 14% this year, well ahead of the category growth. Compral launched the "I Don't Do Pain" campaign on various platforms during the year.

Feminine Hygiene

Gyna Guard remains the market leader within this category with a market share of almost 50%, and growing ahead of the category growth. Gyna Guards' comprehensive range of products have been specially formulated by a Gynaecologist – to cleanse, relieve and take care of intimate areas, keeping women healthy and fresh. The brand's growth has been driven by extensive marketing campaigns on television and social media, focussing on awareness, education on general feminine health, as well as the new innovation of Gyna Guard Vaginal Capsules.

Sun Care

Our new brand, Island Tribe, boasts a comprehensive range of sprays, lotions and gels, and was supported with strong digital as well as instore marketing campaigns over the summer period. Island Tribe will continue to grow off a small base with the imminent launch of an exciting Kids range.

Energy Supplements

Bioplus is the market leader within this category. The single dosage sachet continues to be the top seller in the range. On-thego product offerings lead consumption trends in energy, affirming the launch of the energy drink to be in the right direction for the brand. Extensive brand building investment has ensured that Bioplus remains the market leader and continues to create demand for the category and brand.

Gut Health

ProbiFlora has a range of clinically proven probiotic strains formulated to normalise bowel flora and general intestinal health. ProbiFlora continues to perform well in the face of increased competition from house brands.

Over the Counter (OTC)
OTC supplies medication for patients in South Africa's private and public sector as well as to certain export markets, competing in the self-medication category (Schedule 1 (S1) and 2 (S2)) in Pharmacy, and also in the FMCG channel (Schedule 0 and unscheduled) with an aggregated complement of 103 premium and economy brands.

The division's brand portfolio and operational excellence have assisted in maintaining its volume and value leadership position in Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 in pharmacy. Two in every five packs, S1and S2 products, sold in the private sector, is an Adcock Ingram product.

The division competes primarily in the following therapeutic categories:


The OTC division is the market leader in the pain category in pharmacy, with its top ranked brand Adco-Dol continuing to outperform the market. The pain market has evolved significantly in the last year with the downscheduling of several brands from schedule 3 (prescription only) to schedule S2 (OTC). The division offers a full breadth of economy and premium brands with Adco- Napamol performing particularly well in the economy sector.

Cough & Cold

Cough and Cold

Despite difficult economic conditions, core brands like Corenza, Solphyllex and Alcophyllex contributed to sustained growth in this mature and highly competitive category. OTC remains a leading player in this market, with representation across cold preparations, expectorants and cough sedatives. The division prioritises innovation and recently launched its new immune booster Immuenza, as well as a packaging upgrade for Actophlem, and the repositioning of Stearns to earn the trust of a diverse customer base.



OTC is a significant participant in this market through one of its flagship brands Allergex and Allergex Non-Drowsy. The anti-histamine portfolio has had several exciting new launches in the last few years and now has full representation across several key molecules. The extended portfolio of brands includes Levogex (levocetirizine), Ceticit (cetirizine) and Adco- Desloratidine (desloratidine).

Heartburn & Digestion
Heartburn and Digestion

The heartburn and indigestion category is very relevant to Adcock Ingram with high efficacy brands such Citro-Soda and Adco Mayogel trusted by healthcare practitioners and consumers, both performing strongly in pharmacy and FMCG. Citro-Soda is supported by extensive above-the-line campaigns, digital promotions and in-store activations.



The energy category in both pharmacy and FMCG is under pressure given the discretionary nature of the category. vita-thion as a front shop brand relies on innovation with exciting new upgrades and line extensions that were launched during the year.

The Prescription division is focused on building and offering a broad range of quality and affordable medicines in specific therapeutic areas for patients consulting healthcare professionals, generally where prescriptions are required. During the year the business acquired Genop, a specialised instrument, surgical and pharmaceutical products company focused on the ophthalmic, optometry, skincare, aesthetic and plastic surgery segments in Southern Africa, and which also owns and markets the well-known Epi-Max range.

The division manufactures products in South Africa and India, as well as sourcing products from a range of partner companies, primarily based in Europe.

The portfolios of products are grouped according to therapeutic areas in order to facilitate promotion to relevant medical specialists:

The Pain portfolio is the market leader in prescription pain management, and includes a comprehensive portfolio of brands that offer healthcare professionals and patients effective pain solutions covering:

  • mild to severe acute pain;
  • chronic pain related to cancer or auto-immune diseases; and
  • a variety of dosage forms including oral, topical, parenteral and transdermal preparations.

The pain portfolio includes leading, well-known brands such as Myprodol, Synaleve, Mypaid Forte and Myprocam.

In the coming year this division will expand its chronic pain offering by introducing two innovative, long-acting transdermal patches for the treatment of neuropathic pain.

Women's Health
Women Health

Women's Health recognises and celebrates the uniqueness of women.

The portfolio includes treatments related to menopause, vaginal dryness, urinary tract infections (UTIs) and osteoporosis. Women's Healthcare is proud to provide quality treatment options to meet the needs of South African women through specific stages of their journey through life.

We are passionate about empowering women through information about healthcare and personal matters, helping women make informed decisions about their health and the treatment options available.

The hormone therapy portfolio which includes Adcock Ingram's as well as partner brands is the leader in its class as measured in IQVIA.


Dermatology covers a wide spectrum of dermatological conditions, including acne, eczema, emollients for dry skin, and brands for skin infections and psoriasis. Whilst most of these conditions are not life threatening, they significantly affect the patient's quality of life. The portfolio is comprised of brands from mainly two partners, namely Leo Pharma and Roche Holding AG. The 2018 financial year saw the full integration of the former Astellas products Protopic, SBR, Locoid and Zineryt into the Adcock Ingram stable, after the global acquisition of these brands by Leo Pharma. The expanded Dermatology portfolio now offers healthcare professionals a broader armamentarium in treating dermatological conditions, and has successfully positioned Adcock Ingram as the 2nd largest prescription dermatology franchise in the country, including well-known brands such as Fucidin, Roaccutane, Dovobet, Protopic and SBR Lipocream.


The CNS portfolio has established itself as a multinational partner of choice for CNS brands in the private and public sector, promoting and distributing key brands such as Cipramil, Cipralex, Fluanxol and Rivotril.

This portfolio also includes well known Adcock Ingram brands such as Stresam and offers treatments covering a range of conditions, such as depression, anxiety, epilepsy, Alzheimer's and schizophrenia.

Anti-Retroviral (ARV)

Adcock Ingram's anti-retroviral (ARV) portfolio consists of a range of high quality, cost effective, first and second line treatment options for adults and children living with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Trivenz, which is Adcock Ingram's once daily, single tablet regimen for the treatment of HIV, is currently the Company's leading prescription brand, providing treatment to approximately 70,000 people in the private sector. The brand is currently the fastest growing prescription brand in the Top 10 pharmaceutical brands in SA, and is currently the second most dispensed anti-retroviral brand in the private sector prescription market.


The Generics portfolio contributes approximately one-third towards the division's revenue and consists of products which span the major therapeutic areas such as CNS, cardiovascular and pain.

This diverse portfolio consists of brands which treat both acute and chronic diseases and are predominantly found within the prescription medication space.

Adcock Ingram Critical Care (AICC) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of hospital and critical care products in Southern Africa. Products are offered through multiple portfolios and across wide-ranging customer channels.

The business is a fully integrated operation which spans regulatory, manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution. Beyond its world-class commercial capability, AICC manufactures an extensive range of products in its unique dual-process factory which comprises a comprehensive plastics extrusion plant together with a fully accredited pharmaceuticals manufacturing facility.

AICC is a progressive healthcare company with ever-evolving and broadening portfolios. At the core, AICC holds a solid market leadership position in intravenous solutions, renal therapies and blood transfusion therapies where it is the largest supplier of blood donation bags to the South African National Blood Services. Other product portfolios include small volume injectables, infusion systems, invasive diagnostics, nutrition, and specialised pharmaceuticals.

In its efforts to maintain its leadership position, AICC continues to expand into newer novel portfolios which include growth in opioid substitution therapy, oral and injectable analgesia, additional injectable pharmaceuticals, immunosuppressants, hand and surface disinfectants and kinesiology tapes.

  • National Renal Care (a Netcare and AICC joint venture) remains the single largest service provider for renal services in South Africa.
  • AICC is the largest supplier of goods and services within:
    • Peritoneal Dialysis (PD);
    • Haemodialysis (HD);
    • Continuous Renal replacement Therapy (CRRT); and
    • Renal Pharmaceuticals.
Medicine Delivery

  • The largest supplier of large volume parenterals (LVP's) within Southern Africa.
  • Continues to grow its share of the small volume parenteral (SVP's) market through various commercial strategies.
  • The market leader in regional anaesthesia.
  • Through its strategic alliance with Pharma-Q, AICC has a solid market leadership position in SVP's (injectable pharmaceuticals) across multiple therapeutic areas including anti-infectives, oncology, anti-emetics, respiratory, analgesia and hypnotics.
Transfusion Therapies

  • Largest supplier of blood bags in South Africa and is the largest supplier to SANBS (South African National Blood Services) with whom it has enjoyed a relationship of more than 50 years.
  • Enjoys manufacturing independence and benefits from a fully integrated manufacturing facility supporting the local manufacture of blood bags and tubing.
  • Largest supplier of free-flowing leucodepletion sets.
  • Through its alliance with Applied Sciences in the USA, AICC has successfully installed the largest fleet of combination blood mixers and scales in South Africa.
Specialised Pharmaceuticals
  • A leader in the supply of:
    • products for Haemophilia
    • speciality pharmaceuticals including sodium polystyrene, heparin and 1 alpha hydroxylase.

Local Manufacturing
Adcock Ingram has recently undertaken a capital expansion project costing R1.5 billion which was primarily focused on the regulatory compliance status of the three manufacturing facilities situated in Gauteng.

The High Volume Liquids facility situated at Clayville is a state of the art and highly automated factory primarily producing liquids and effervescent formulations.

The Tablet and Capsule facility situated at Wadeville is focused on the manufacture of antiretroviral medicines which are supplied to the public sector through the tender system.

The Critical Care facility situated at Aeroton produces intravenous fluids, blood bags, renal dialysis products and large and small-volume parenterals.
Distribution Investment
Adcock Ingram is the only local pharmaceutical company offering a full service pharmaceutical distribution solution. As a leading pharmaceutical company, Adcock Ingram does direct distribution nationally to wholesalers, hospitals, pharmacies, and home deliveries to patients. In a significant move to expand the distribution offering, Adcock Ingram has acquired Virtual Logistics (Pty) Ltd, a national and cross border fine distribution company. This acquisition brings the Company closer to realising a fully compliant network and will make Adcock Ingram one of the largest fine distributors in the country.
International Presence – Africa and India
Rest of Africa
The Rest of Africa (RoA) offers business growth opportunities due to increasing GDP, a growing middle class, better education and the beginnings of a reduction in extreme poverty.

Adcock Ingram covers over 13 markets on the continent with a broad product range of OTC, Prescription, Hospital and FMCG products. Our product offerings in the Rest of Africa follow largely what we have in South Africa. Adcock Ingram is making sure that we clearly understand the markets in which we operate and are aware of the risks and opportunities in each. We set out to attract the very best people who have a sound understanding of these markets and their consumers.

We have a state of the art manufacturing facility in Bangalore. Our Indian operation has given us the opportunity to strategically offer development and registration support to our other operations in Southern Africa and the Rest of Africa as well as augment our manufacturing capabilities.